Welcome to Embersvale!

Echoes of Embersvale will be running January 2010-December 2010. Your DMs will be Andy C & Megan H, on rules and flavor text respectively.

The game will take place in Embservale, a small continent home to six diverse kingdoms. Embersvale balances precariously on the back of a turtle, and is subject to tilting. Game play will range from floating raft-cities and underwater dungeon crawls, to dry desert frontier towns and tundra-based treasure hunts.

The predominant sentient species is human, but archeological excavations have been revealing startling evidence that the ancient stories of elves, dwarves, orcs and small folk might have been fact long ago.

Our inspiration comes from Pathfinder 3.75, the Faerun universe, Italian cities, Tolkein, Phillip Pullman, Robin McKinley, and so much more.

Echoes of Embersvale