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Welcome to Embersvale!

Embersvale is the Western most kingdom in the world. The Hydeck Mountains rise up along its Western border, and beyond it is the End of the World. The world, resting on the back of a turtle, slowly tilts from one side to the other, shifting gradually over a millenium. This process is called the Great Tilting.

In modern times, the world is tilted down towards the Kingdom of Embersvale, causing a great rush of water that has, over the centuries, begun to flood the kingdom. The Hydeck Mountains are the only thing keeping the world’s water from falling of the Edge and being lost forever.

When the world is tilted the opposite direction, Embersvale is all dry deserts and plains, but for the past several thousand years it has been growing wetter and wetter. Farmlands flood reguarly, and some provinces have taken to a mostly aquatic lifestyle.

The capital of Embersvale is Elian, a great city which is flooding little by little. Alleys and streets have turned into water canals, and as the water level has risen, so has the level of the buildings. Embersvale is ruled by King Renaurd from his Emerald Palace in Elian.

The provinces of Embersvale include Aelix, Curzar, Esstia, Meridia, Nikas and Surech. Each is run by a Baron appointed by each province themselves, usually through heredity.

Main Page

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