Meridia is the wettest province in the entire Kingdom. It lies at a lower elevation to Esstia and receives the run-of from much of its rainfall. The region is a network of lakes and rivers, interspered with rice farms and aquatic plantations. Elian, the capitol of Embersvale, lies within Meridia.

Few complete maps of the waterways of Meridia exist, partly due to the flooding that has changed the landscape over the past several centuries. But those who live and work in the wild waterways are often protective of their secret hideouts and hidden utopic societies.

Social Structure

Meridia is one of the most culturally attuned provinces, valuing artisans and bards highly. Artisans and merchants form ship caravans that sail to and from fishing villages, small farming communities and thriving raft towns to sell their wares.

Many of these raft towns are mobile, and they migrate depending on heavy rains and farming seasons. They house migrant workers, fishermen, and often criminals and conmen. More than half of the Meridians population lives in Elian.


Floating temples, monestaries and small shrines are navigated through the Meridian waterways by clerics and monks. Religion is highly revered in Meridia, and almost every religion is represented. Some are harder to find, however. Many outsiders travel there to train at the floating monestaries, and many Meridians consider a life of religion to be well-spent.


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